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A few points about some special features of this issue--and a "Thank You" . . .

  • Those of you reading this in the United States and Canada will probably have noticed some differences in the way your magazine was delivered--no envelope and a somewhat earlier delivery time. The differences are the result of a change in Sys Admin's mailing status, from 3rd class to 2nd class. We hope that the change will mean better service for our readers.

  • All of you will notice (we hope) a significantly extended New Messages section, where we publish the mail we receive from you. It's too often the case that we have only one or two pages available for this section, so a number of interesting messages go unpublished. For this issue, we set aside several extra pages so that we could catch you up on what's been coming in to, our email account. All of the messages we selected include a tip, or suggested revisions to code published in an earlier issue, or a new tool that doesn't warrant an article in itself but could be useful to many of you. You could look at this issue's New Messages as sort of potpourri column--it's got lots of nice little things you wouldn't find elsewhere.

  • You'll also see that there is another "revisited" article, in this case, Matt Ganis's revisiting of Larry Reznick's killidle (also the subject of a letter in the New Messages section). The first article that prompted such a series was Eric Horne's "newping: Remote Host Downtime Detection," in the July/August '93 issue. Several readers responded to the article, with corrections to newping and embellishments on it. While obviously we would not want to cover the same material over and over, we do welcome work that takes off from something we've already published and does new things with it.

    And now the "Thank You"--to all of you who made it a point to find us (no easy task) and stop by our booth at UniForum '94. We handed out somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 copies of the magazine, but were even happier about the number of people who walked up to us and said they already subscribed (for more about UniForum itself, take a look at Bjorn Satdeva's column in this issue). Face-to-face contact with readers doesn't happen very often (email is a good but not exact approximation); it's a particular pleasure when it does.

    Robert Ward (". . . !uunet!rdpub!saletter")