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New Products

SuperUsers Releases XMon 1.3

SuperUsers a/s has released XMon 1.3, a UNIX System and Application Monitoring Tool. XMon monitors and controls resources, performance, security, and functionality for the operating system and for applications either system wide, or by group/user, or by application.

XMon can monitor and control hosts from a single display using a Motif-based GUI. The user interface gives an overview of the status of all hosts on a network by using a color-coded icon for each host. Data collection is accomplished using XSensor. XSensor reads data via the UNIX-kernel device drivers datafile "/dev/kmem," collecting exact data with low overhead.

Also released with XMon 1.3 is XMonGraph, an XMon module. XMonGraph provides line graphs and bar charts of monitored data. These graphs can then be updated with information from the monitored hosts. An XMon ORACLE Monitoring Module is also available. n XMon 1.3 is currently ported to 25 UNIX platforms (including IBM, Sun, HP, DEC, SGI, and MIPS), NT, DOS, and MS Windows, with ports announced for VMS, OS/2, and Novell Netware. For more information contact SuperUsers a/s, Karlebogaard, Karlebovej 91, DK-3400 Hillerd, Denmark, +45 42180706; FAX: +45 42180705; Email:

NetManage Ships Chameleon 4.0

NetManage has begun shipping Chameleon 4.0, a TCP/IP Desktop for Windows applications. Chameleon 4.0 provides 24 applications for LAN and WAN communications including: terminal emulation, electronic mail, file and printer sharing, Internet access tools, and TCP/IP network communications and utilities. Features of Chameleon 4.0 include: ODI support, with automatic detection and installation over both ODI and NDIS Ethernet drivers, which provides compatibility with both Novell and Microsoft standards; support for MIME multi-media attachments in mail that can transverse both LANs and Internet; and a Windows-based interface to PROFS/Office Vision mail.

Chameleon's TN5250 provides users with full block-mode IBM 5250 emulation including extended SAA data stream support. Users can also access an AS400 and emulate a 5250 terminal from their Windows PC. Chameleon's TN3270 supports scalable fonts automatically re-sized when a window is changed, an IBM standard Enhanced High Level Language Application Program Interface (EHLLAPI), IND$FILE transfer capabilities, and hotspots which let users identify key words that initiate commands, scripts, or function keys using a mouse. Other application features of Chameleon 4.0 include: a Visual Script Editor and Player; a Line Printer Redirector; Line Printer Daemon (LPR/LPD); and drag-and-drop file sharing via FTP client and server, and NFS client and server.

Chameleon 4.0 is priced at $400. For more information contact NetManage Inc., 20823 Stevens Creek Blvd.,Cupertino, CA 95014, (408) 973-7171; FAX: (408) 257-6405.

8th USENIX Systems Administration Conference (LISA VIII)

USENIX, the UNIX and Advanced Computing Systems Professional and Technical Association, and SAGE, the System Administrators Guild, have issued an announcement and call for participation for the jointly sponsored 8th USENIX Systems Administration Conference (LISA VIII).

This annual conference, scheduled this year for September 19-23, 1994 in San Diego, CA, provides a forum in which system administrators meet to share ideas and experiences. Its scope includes system administrators from sites of all sizes and configurations. The theme of this year's conference is "Automation: Managing the Computer of the 90's"; the focus is on tools to help system administrators automate administration tasks and troubleshoot problems.

Proposals on any of the following or related topics are invited: automating administration tasks; distributed system administration; problem tracking; predicting problems before they happen; system administration standards; case studies - "This is the problem we solved and how we solved it"; career paths for system administrators; applications using emerging technology (C++, AI, etc.); performance monitoring; hardware-related topics (all about memory, installing disk drives); and tools -- Useful programs or solutions you have developed and wish to share.

For information on the conference, contact the USENIX Association, 2560 Ninth St., Suite 215, Berkeley, CA USA 94710; (510)-528-8649. For information on submission of papers to the conference, contact the Program Chair, Dinah McNutt, at

KnowledgeNet Announces Net/WrkHP

KnowledgeNet Inc. has announced NetWrkHP, a member of its Net/Wrk Product Series. Net/WrkHP provides integration between HP platforms running HP/UNIX, as well as between HP/UNIX platforms and AS/400, IBM mainframes, OS/2, RS/6000, System/36, or DEC VMS-based platforms running KnowledgeNet's other Net/Wrk products. Net/Wrk HP operates across APPC/APPM (Advanced Program-to-Program Communictaions/Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking) and TCP/IP. Using Net/WrkHP, users can use bidirectional file transfer and remote program execution acrosss platforms. Net/WrkHP also supports Dynamic SQL for accessing and updating subsets of data on remote workstations.

Net/WrkHP includes: the Net/Wrk Scheduler, which lets users schedule unattended execution of network functions; the API Toolkit, which lets users embed Net/WrkHP commands into existing applications; and Lempel-Ziv 77 and 78 data compression. Net/WrkHP can send spooled files in an output queue across different platforms and uses in-stream automatic data conversion. Other features of Net/WrkHP include: plain-English error messages, a Net/Wrk Status Monitor, a communications history, and on-line help.

For more information contact KnowledgeNet Inc., 1260 W. Northwest Hwy., Palatine, IL 60067, (708) 705-0400; FAX: (708) 991-4039.

Prime Time Freeware Releases CD-ROMs for UNIX

Prime Time Freeware has released three products, Issue 3-1 of Prime Time Freeware for UNIX, Issue 2-1 of Prime Time SDK for UnixWare, and XFree86-2.0 for UnixWare. Issue 3-1 of Prime Time Freeware for UNIX is a mixed-media (book/CD-ROM) collection of UNIX-related source code and documentation. The book contains 100 pages of introductory and index material. The two CD-ROMs contain megabytes of selected, organized, and annotated freeware. Issue 3-1 contains the following archives and packages: ALLIANCE, Andrew, Arjuna, ASpecT, AudioFile, E/Exodus, GAP, GMT, Go PATH, GRASS, the GNU suite, ICOT, ISODE, InterViews, Magic, MAEstro, Netlib, Oberon, OCEAN, Ptolemy, POSTGRES, Self, SML/NJ, Statlib, and X11R5.

Prime Time Freeware's Software Development Kit, Prime Time SDK for UnixWare Issue 2-1, is a standalone development system based on freeware components, including InterViews, the GNU tool suite, Perl, Tk, and XFree86-2.0, which is a set of X servers and clients. The issue contains a Rock Ridge CD-ROM and a 100-page manual. Prime Time SDK for UnixWare is suited to UnixWare PE, but it can also be used to supplement the "official" Univel SDK with GUI builders, a window-based C Development Toolkit, and more.

XFree86-2.0 For UnixWare is a set of X servers and clients which includes support for accelerated graphics cards. XFree86-2.0 for UnixWare is a Rock Ridge CD-ROM containing binaries (pkgadd format) and source code.

Prime Time Freeware for UNIX, Issue 3-1 is priced at $60. Prime Time SDK for UnixWare, Issue 2-1 is also priced at $60. XFree86-2.0 for UnixWare is priced at $40. For more information contact Prime Time Freeware, 370 Altair Way, #150, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, (408) 433-9662; FAX: (408) 433-0727; Email:

Paradigm Introduces ONSchedule

Paradigm Systems Corporation has introduced ONSchedule, a distributed network job scheduling and workload management system. ONSchedule automatically schedules, executes, and manages processes over a network of heterogeneous machines. ONSchedule is a comprehensive tool that centralizes control and management for tasks from simple batch processing to entire production cycles. ONSchedule does not limit users to simple date and time configurations. Jobs can be scheduled based on the successful completion or failure of other jobs, an API passed event such as the arrival of a file, as well as user customizable calendar configurations.

Features of ONSchedule include: cycle definition and property inheritance which let user commands act on all members of the cycle and which also determine a job's specific properties from the job's parent cycle; real-time monitoring, which lets users navigate through the ONSchedule Network and view cycle processes as they occur; and a GUI, which identifies components in the System, the flow of each cycle, and the relationship between each component. ONSchedule also includes a custom monitor API library which lets users pass asynchronous network events to the scheduler, and a secondary server which serves as a hot back-up option. Other features of ONSchedule include: error recovery, queue management and load balancing, and integrated system security and fault tolerance.

ONSchedule supports Sun Solaris 1.0 and requires UNIX running X11/Motif. Pricing for ONSchedule is based on network configuration. For more information contact Paradigm Systems Corporation, 39899 Balentine Dr., Suite 145, Newark, CA 94560, (510) 440-8551; FAX (510) 440-8552; Email:

ANDATACO Announces Commercial Availability Of SBMT

ANDATACO has announced it will make its SCSI Bus Management Tool (SBMT) software commercially available. Previously available on ANDATACO storage systems, SBMT is a GUI-based software utility that lets SPARC workstation users install, configure, and analyze the storage systems of their computer. SBMT offers real-time scanning of the SCSI bus, automatically reporting changes or additions on the bus.

SBMT performs a number of simple disk drive operations, including mounting drives in a particular file system, changing the default partitions on-line, and formatting or reformatting a disk drive. The user selects these functions from a point-and-click Motif or OPEN LOOK interface.

Also contained in SBMT is a "Support" button that can be used as a maintenance aid by supplying a direct E-mail link for data. Users can electronically send their disk configuration information to ANDATACO's Technical Support Center through E-mail. A user can also issue an electronic fax directly from their workstation using ANDATACO's electronic fax product XpressFAX.

SBMT supports Solaris 1.x, 2.x, and the Motif GUI. It is priced at $295, with 30 days free technical support. ANDATACO storage subsystem customers will continue to receive SBMT free of charge with any disk subsystem purchase. For more information contact ANDATACO, (619) 453-9191; FAX: (619) 453-9294; Email:

Software One Releases Screen-I/O 3.0

Software One, Inc. has released Screen-I/O version 3.0, a screen generator for UNIX and Xenix shell scripts, and Perl programs. Screen-I/O 3.0 lets programmers give their scripts a screen-based user interface with little additional programming effort.

Screen-I/O 3.0 can create menus, selection screens, data entry screens, and displays which can be integrated into new or existing shell and Perl programs. "Point and Select" and Lotus style menus can be generated. Screen I/O selection screens include scrolling windows from which users make selections by pointing. Screen I/O data entry screens include fixed length fields, field-to-field tabbing, in-field editing, and data validation options.

In addition to support for Perl programs, Screen-I/O 3.0 allows you to incorporate a pop-up text editor and context sensitive online help in your interfaces. Screen-I/0 3.0 includes enhanced color support as well as support for automatic detection of many entry errors.

Screen-I/O is priced at $195 per CPU for SCO operating systems and $295 per CPU for AIX (RS/6000). For more information contact Software One, Inc., Suite 225C, 5151 Reed Rd., Columbus, OH 43220, (614) 451-1800; FAX: (614) 451-2601.

Computronics Introduces PEEK for UNIX

Computronics has introduced their PEEK software package for AIX, HP-UX, SUN (SunOS4 and Solaris 2), Data General DG/UX, DEC Ultrix, and MIPS RISC/os. PEEK lets users see what is on any user's screen, including their error messages. Through the POKE mode, users may type on behalf of another user and effectively act as their terminal. PEEK also lets a user execute system console commands remotely without disabling the console. Security features allow detailed control of the use of PEEK (for instance, who can PEEK on whom). PEEK facilitates both user support and security, providing an audit trail of its use. PEEK works with local users and TCP/IP users -- any user on a standard terminal.

Prices for PEEK for UNIX range from $200 to $2,000 depending on the number of PEEKable users on a single system. PEEK will continue to be supported for existing versions of PRIMOS as well as future releases. A one-time 30 percent discount is offered to those existing PEEK/PRIMOS users currently under maintenance. For more information contact <B%0>Computronics, 4N165 Wood Dale Rd., Addison, IL 60101, (708) 941-7767; FAX: (708) 941-7714; Email:

UniPress Announces CoSession/PC2X Beta

UniPress Software, Inc., and Triton Technologies, Inc., have announced beta distribution of CoSession/PC2X, a PC-UNIX connectivity solution for remote PC control from UNIX computers. CoSession is PC-to-PC connectivity software that lets users control other networked PCs from their PC desktops. With CoSession support, PC2X works with CoSession PC Hosts, allowing UNIX clients to be added to existing CoSession networks.

CoSession/PC2X lets users control their PC applications from an X Window on a UNIX workstation or X terminal. The DOS computer displays in an X Window in which users can run PC applications, including MS Windows. CoSession/PC2X supports copy-and-paste, so users can share files and transfer data between DOS and UNIX applications.

CoSession/PC2X runs on Sun and HP workstations or X terminals. A single-user CoSession/PC2X starter pack, which consists of one PC Host and one UNIX client, is priced at $595. The CoSession/PC2X UNIX client side is price at $495 and the PC Host side is $125. The CoSession/PC2X PC Host side 10-pack (10 media sets and one manual) is priced at $995. For more information contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817, (908) 287-2100; FAX: (908) 287-4929.

Tivoli Enhances Tivoli Management Environment

Tivoli Systems, Inc., has announced a Tivoli Management Environment agent for Novell NetWare servers and PC Windows desktops. The new TME agent allows large numbers of PCs to be managed as an integral part of mixed UNIX and PC environments. New components of the Tivoli Management Environment are TME Agent, Tivoli\Courier Release 1.8, Tivoli/EpochBackup, and Tivoli/Workload.

Tivoli/Courier Release 1.8 is an upgraded version of their distribution application, which uses the TME Agent to distribute software to PC LANs and desktops. TME Agent is an intelligent agent for NetWare servers, DOS, Windows, and Windows NT which allows these environments to be managed from the Tivoli Management Environment. Using Tivoli/Courier and TME Agent, customers can centrally package, distribute, install, and configure composite packages of applications. Tivoli/Courier's graphical interfaces lets system managers distribute software to UNIX systems and PCs simultaneously.

Tivoli/EpochBackup, a version of Epoch Enterprise Backup, from Epoch System, Inc., is a scalable tool for backing-up and restoring data on different storage devices across multivendor networks. Tivoli/Workload, a version of AutoSys from AutoSystems Corporation, is an automated tool for job scheduling and workload management in distributed environments. Tivoli/Workload manages backup/recovery and job scheduling across large multivendor networks.

Licenses for Tivoli/Courier 1.8 using the TME Agent start at $2,600 for a NetWare server that supports 50 client PC desktops. Tivoli/EpochBackup will be available 3Q '94. Tivoli/Workload is priced at $9,500 for the master server and $500 to $9,500 for job execution machines. For more information contact Tivoli Systems, Inc., 6034 W. Courtyard Dr., Suite 210, Austin, TX 78730, (512) 794-9070; FAX: (512) 794-0623.

UniPress Announces LAN Manager V2.2 For Unisys 6000 And NCR 3000

UniPress Software, Inc. has announced Microsoft LAN Manager for UNIX (LMU) for Unisys 6000 and NCR 3000 running AT&T UNIX System V Release 4.2. UniPress has ported LMU 2.2 to Unisys 6000 and NCR 3000, letting these systems act as servers for PC client applications on MS DOS, MS Windows, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, and OS/2 platforms.

Features of LMU for Unisys 6000 and NCR 3000 include: connection support for LAN manager clients to Novell NetWare servers on the same network, support for NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and access to NFS and RFS. The Unisys 6000 version of LMU also supports NetBEUI. LMU can be administered from any computer on the network using "Net" and "NetAdmin" programs. With LMU, servers can be set up simultaneously and heterogeneous servers can be grouped and managed collectively.

LAN Manager for Unisys 6000 or NCR 3000 is priced at $2,995 for a 48-user server, $4,995 for a 128-user server, and $7,995 for an unlimited user license server. LAN Manager clients are included free. For more information contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817, (908) 287-2100; FAX: (908) 287-4929.

Xinet Annouces Connectivity Products for Solaris 2

Xinet has announced versions of their Macintosh/UNIX connectivity products for Solaris 2. The products, K-AShare and K-Spool, allow networked Macintoshes and Sun SPARCs running Solaris to share storage and imaging resources. K-AShare lets Macintosh users use the Solaris system as an AppleShare file server. K-Spool, a server-based print spooler, lets Macintosh and Solaris system users share PostScript-compatible printers located anywhere on LocalTalk or Ethernet networks, or printers serially connected to the Solaris host.

Xinet has marketed the SunOS version of K-AShare and K-Spool since 1987. The SunOS version was built on BSD-style sockets and relied on the Berkeley networking implementation inside the UNIX kernel. The Solaris versions of K-AShare and K-Spool use an AppleTalk protocol stack based on System V Release 4 streams. According to Xinet, the Solaris versions of K-AShare and K-Spool retain the same performance as the socket-based SunOS version.

Prices for K-AShare for Solaris 2 begin at $595, depending on the number of users being licensed. K-Spool for Solaris 2 is priced at $895. For more information contact Xinet, 2560 Ninth St., Suite 312, Berkeley, CA 94710, (510) 845-0555; FAX: (510) 644-2680.

Eagle Software Releases DISK_PAK For UNIX Version 2.09

Eagle Software, Inc. has released version 2.09 of DISK_PAK for UNIX, a disk defragmention utility for UNIX systems. DISK_PAK eliminates disk fragmentation and can cluster frequently accessed files, with the goal of improving performance.

DISK_PAK 2.09 includes support for AIX revision 3.2 and higher and Solaris 2.0-2.3. DISK_PAK is currently available on AIX, Solaris, SunOS, SCO/UNIX, DG/UX, CLIX, and BOSX platforms.

For more information contact Eagle Software, Inc., 123 Indiana Ave., P.O. Box 16, Salina, KS 67402, (913) 823-7257; FAX: (913) 823-6185.

ALLINK Announces Network Management Products

ALLINK Company, White Plains, New York, has announced three network management products: SmartPak-SNAP, ALLINK Operations Coordinator, and ALLINK Network Statistical Analyzer. SmartPak-SNAP is the first in a series of products which will provide network management capabilities through "pre-packaged" combinations of element management system interfaces. SmartPak-SNAP, which can operate in either a stand-alone or LAN environment, provides a graphical integrated platform for the management of traditional hierarchical SNA networks and SNMP devices configured in TCP/IP internets. SmartPak-SNAP displays SNA and SNMP nodes and their relationships on a single topological map.

The second product is the ALLINK Operations Coordinator (AOC). AOC is a software-driven, UNIX-based system that uses artificial intelligence to monitor network systems in multi-vendor voice and data communications networks. AOC provides a superset of SmartPak-SNAP's feature set, providing a migration path as network management requirements grow.

The third product, ALLINK Network Statistical Analyzer (ANSA), is a network data analysis and reporting system that works with the AOC to provide operational and management statistical data. In addition to a "shareware library" of existing reports and formats, ANSA can produce custom information and data reports.

For more information contact ALLINK Company, White Plains, NY, (800) 848-8384 or (914) 644-7662.