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New Products

Symark Announces PowerPassword 2.6.0

Symark announced the release of Symark PowerPassword version 2.6.0, which provides login and password management functionality for UNIX operating systems. Symark PowerPassword is an access control software product that allows systems administrators to centrally administer policies concerning who can log in, when, from where, and how across a network of multi-platform UNIX systems. It also provides for a network-wide password aging system that includes password quality control, password generation, and password expiration controls.

For more information, contact: Symark Software, 5716 Corsa Ave., Suite 200, Westlake Village, CA 91362; Phone: (818) 575-4000; Fax: (818) 889-1894; WWW:

SurfControl Releases SuperScout Web Filter 4.0

SurfControl, an Internet filtering company, announced SuperScout Web Filter 4.0, an Internet access management tool. According to the company, SuperScout Web Filter 4.0 can help companies maximize bandwidth, enhance productivity, and mitigate legal liability because it enables companies to better manage IT resources while respecting employees' need to use the Internet.

Features of SuperScout Web Filter 4.0 include:

  • Threshold rules to allow users access to Internet content that can be managed by length of time or the total bandwidth used in a given day
  • Reports that include new bandwidth analyses that illustrate how and when bandwidth is being consumed, and new report publishing capabilities in formats including .pdf and .html
  • Customizable deny pages to communicate the company's Internet access rules to employees on a rule-by-rule basis.

For more information, contact: SurfControl, 100 Enterprise Way, Suite A110, Scotts Valley, CA 95066; Phone: (831) 431-1300; Fax: (831) 431-1800; Internet:; WWW:

LSI Logic Announces E4600 Storage System

LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc., a supplier of storage solutions for the open enterprise, announced general availability of the MetaStor E4600 storage system. According to the company, the MetaStor E4600 storage system supports up to four concurrent Fibre Channel host connections at a rate of two gigabits per second each. Because of its higher transfer rate and an increase in input/output (I/O) operations per second, customers can attach more and faster servers from many vendors to a single E4600 with larger quantities of disk storage, including new, 180-gigabyte disk drives.

For more information, contact: LSI Logic, 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035; Phone: (866) 574-5741; WWW:

Sangoma Announces s514/ET1 and s514/56 Cards

Sangoma Technologies Corporation, a developer of wide area network (WAN) connectivity products, announced its S514/ET1 and S514/56 cards with DSU/CSU Telco interfaces. According to the company, Sangoma Technologies' two new cards help provide complete WAN connectivity to 56/64kbps DDS line users worldwide, and E1 line users outside of North America. Because the cards include the Telco DSU/CSU interfaces, the user's server itself plugs directly into the Telco demarc.

For more information, contact: Sangoma, 50 McIntosh Drive, Suite 120, Markham Ontario, L3R 9T3 CANADA; Phone: (905) 474-1990; Fax: (905) 474-9223; WWW:

LinuxForce Releases AdminForce CGI Auto Audit

LinuxForce Inc., a provider of Linux products and migration services to commercial and institutional computer network operations, announced the release of an automated CGI Script analyzer. According to the company, AdminForce CGI Auto Audit manages CGI script structure and identifies potential security deficiencies. The LinuxForce Perl and Shell CGI analysis scripts identify dangerous CGI constructs so that they can be fixed. These automated routines allow hundreds of scripts per day to be analyzed. A library of metacharacter "scrubbing" routines are provided to assist with the CGI clean-up operations. CGI testing can be conducted remotely, so that on-site visits by programmers are not needed in most cases.

For more information, contact: LinuxForce Inc., 100 Glendale Road, Upper Darby, PA 19082-3108; Internet:; WWW:

Xi Graphics Releases Accelerated-X Summit 2.0

Xi Graphics, Inc. announced the release of its Accelerated-X Summit v2.0 Series of downloadable graphics drivers for Linux and UNIX systems. According to the company, the product line is based on an OpenGL 1.2.1-compliant rendering pipeline that was redesigned to provide graphics performance across a wide range of graphics chip architectures. The initial release of the new line includes 2D and 3D support for more than 30 cards and laptops (listed at, including high-end graphics cards.

For more information, contact: Xi Graphics Inc., 1801 Broadway, Suite 1710 Denver, CO 80202-3800; Phone: (800) 946-7433; Fax : (303) 298-1406; Internet:; WWW:

LynuxWorks Releases BlueCat 4.0

LynuxWorks Inc., a provider of open source and real-time embedded solutions, announced the latest version of its BlueCat Linux distribution. According to the company, the new distribution helps developers select the development platform for their needs by providing support for multiple microprocessors.

The price schedule for BlueCat 4.0 follows a bundled pricing structure. All bundles include basic support with optional upgradeable tiered and priority level support packages. Quantity development seat price discounts are available. BlueCat 4.0 Standard Bundle: BlueCat 4.0, commercial license and support package for Windows or Linux host development. The Standard Bundle is priced at $2,699.

For more information, contact: LynuxWorks Inc., 855 Branham Lane East, San Jose, CA 95138-1018; Phone: (408) 979-3900; Fax: (408) 979-3920; WWW:

Command Prompt Announces LXP 0.8.0

Command Prompt, Inc., a developer of Linux and PostgreSQL custom development and managed services solutions, announced the release of LXP version 0.8.0, Command Prompt's PostgreSQL application server. According to the company, the LXP application server provides access to the advanced features of PostgreSQL. LXP offers a suite of services to help Linux Web developers. In addition to the LXP markup language, you can utilize the following languages through direct URI support: Java, PHP, C, C++, Python, and Perl. LXP also offers a valid XML parsing engine, simplifying support for industry standards such as RDF/RSS.

For more information, contact: Command Prompt, Inc., 3637 NE Sandy Blvd. #212, Portland, OR 97232; Phone: (503) 736-4609; WWW:

O'Reilly Releases Learning the Unix Operating System, Fifth Edition

O'Reilly announced the release of the fifth edition of Learning the Unix Operating System, by Jerry Peek, Grace Todino, and John Strang (ISBN 0-596-00261-0, 157 pages, $19.95). According to Jerry Peek, the new edition was written for new users at all levels, both technical and non-technical, who need the basics of UNIX. Learning the Unix Operating System is a resource for someone just starting with UNIX or Linux, as well as a primer for Mac and PC users who need to know a little about UNIX on the systems they visit. The fifth edition also covers Internet usage for email, file transfers, Web browsing, and some minor updates to capabilities of the operating system.

The book includes an updated quick reference card to simplify accessing the key functions of the command line. Chapter 2, "Using Window Systems," is available online at: For more information about the book, including Table of Contents, index, author bio, and samples, see:

Intersect Alliance Announces SNARE

InterSect Alliance announces its integrated security "C2 Style" auditing and event logging subsystem for the open source Linux operating system. According to the company, combination of tools, known as SNARE (System iNtrusion And Reporting Environment), provides information system owners, managers, and administrators the ability to monitor their Linux-based information technology resources for incidents that do not meet the local organization's security policy. The SNARE auditing subsystem monitors system and user actions, and provides evidence to use against potential and actual intruders.

SNARE consists of three subsystems: a dynamically loadable kernel module, an audit daemon, and a graphical front end. SNARE will be released under the terms of the worldwide GNU Public License.

For more information, contact: InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd, PO Box 1210, Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia; Phone: +61 040 203 3347; WWW:

IBM Announces SANArray FFx-2

IBM announced availability of the Mylex SANArray FFx-2, a (2-Gb) per second end-to-end Fibre Channel RAID controller. According to the company, the SANArray FFx-2 provides dual 2-Gb/s fabric ports, which automatically adjust their modes of operation to the SAN topology-point-to-point or arbitrated loop. The controller's autonegotiate feature enables each port to operate at the maximum speed supported by the user's environment. Dual 2-Gb/s disk-side channels provide failure-resilient paths to storage. Both fabric and disk channels improve performance by supporting full duplex operation. With this capability, the controller can send and receive data from the fabric and the storage simultaneously on all four ports.

For more information, contact: IBM Corporation, 1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY 10604; WWW:

Maxtor Announces MaxAttach NAS 6000

Maxtor, a provider of hard disk drives and storage solutions, announced the availability of the MaxAttach NAS 6000. According to the company, MaxAttach is a scalable storage server offering capacities up to 5.7 terabytes (TB) and high data availability features. The MaxAttach NAS 6000 allows file sharing among Windows, UNIX/Linux, Macintosh, and NetWare environments. The Windows powered storage server establishes a platform for data management solutions such as email archiving, disk-to-disk backup, and disk aggregation and is a solution for storage consolidation.

The MaxAttach NAS 6000 offers high system-availability features such as hot-swappable drives, dual power supplies, and redundant cooling fans. High data availability is achieved via RAID 5 data protection and the Persistent Storage Manager (PSM) snapshot feature that enables instant recovery of deleted or corrupted files. The starting price is $29,999 for the 1.9-TB base capacity server.

For more information, contact: Maxtor Corporation, 500 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035; Phone: (408) 894-5000; Fax: (408) 894-3218; WWW: